This is 1 of the PFE babies. Mary Poppins, the mum bun asked to go to an adoption show, we thought, but instead she was alerting us that she was going to have babies! We didn't even know she was going to have babies! A group from a church volunteered to come to SBRR and help clean, feed and water. During that day, they kind of moved some bunnies around and OOPS happened! Mary Poppins had her ki...
6yr old bonded pair that lived the great life. Due to financial circumstances their room needed to be rented in order for their owner to go into her residency. Perfectly litterbox trained and just a cute pair of rabbits. Mochi is a Himalayan and Flower is a Hot Tot. ##315321##
Tootsie was taken to the shelter to be surrendered but the owners could not afford to pay the required fee of $45.00 per rabbit. A woman was there with another rescue for kittens, overheard and offered to take them and bring them to SBRR. Ziggy is Tootsie's sister. She is a dwarf Hot Tot but only has the black ring around 1 of her exquisite blue eyes. ##136658##
Ziggy is a dward hot tot that does not meet breeders standards; she has extra black on the back of her ear. So, her and her brother and sister were taken to the San Jose Animal Center where they could not afford the surrender fee. Another person from another rescue was there and requested they be surrender to SBRR instead of the shelter and right then and there the rabbits were handed to the ki...
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